Trust-Based Leadership: without trust we have nothing
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The journey commences with a focus on purpose. In the realm of leadership, clarity holds significant precedence. 


Acquaintance with your stakeholders is a preliminary step; forging a robust foundation of trust with them follows. 


Now, fortified with the right foundation, you are ready to influence, guide, and evoke action from your key stakeholders. 

Leadership is Trust

Here at The Trust Leader we are dedicated to developing trust within leaders at whatever level in an organisation. Trust is the commodity that all individuals and all organisations can communicate in, without trust we have no foundations. Over the years TTL have worked with organisations large and small to develop individual leaders, teams and the overall fabric of the organisation to ensure that trust is at the forefront of all decisions. 

Our team have multiple years of leading teams, developing trust through practical situations, research, experience and operating in some of the toughest work environments. Today we work with clients throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East delivering training and continuous learning through practical programmes and activities delivered online and face to face. Our delivery of training and coaching develops the individual to making better decisions, teams being more cohesive and the overall organisation thrive through trust based leadership.
"“Excellent program for professionals. Scott gets right at the core drivers of trust it’s very impressive!”
"It is an innovative style, it shares new ideas and exercises clearly and easily. Above all, the exercises will make a difference straight away, in any conversation."
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Now you can get your very own Trust Score for free
Developed over the last 5 years, Trust Score is your very own score based on 31 elements covering 5 key pillars:

Selfless  |  Believable  |  Capable  |  Reliable  |  Emotionally Connected

Trust Score is ideal for any individual for life or for work.

Free to Use  |  Personalised Report & Recommendations  |  Developed by Industry Experts  |  Ongoing Support  |  24/7 Support
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Building the reputation you want shouldn't be complicated

Trust is one of the greatest personal commodities that any individual processes, regardless of your status, without trust credits you can achieve nothing in the long term. We offer programmes for global corporates through to the small business owners to ensure a culture of trust, which in turn leads to more engaged staff, clearer delivery of messages and an overall increase in business effectiveness.

We promise you...

On Demand Content

Our expanding collection of on-demand content demystifies the journey from purpose to trust to impactful leadership in The Trust Leader program.

Community Feel

Our community within The Trust Leader provides a platform to connect, engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and share leadership insights and results.

Personal Activities

Uncover how specific personal activities within The Trust Leader's program empower you to tackle tailored actions for your distinct leadership hurdles.


Beyond just content, The Trust Leader arms you with tools and frameworks, empowering you to actualise and amplify your leadership vision.

The Trust Leader heartbeat is Trust Builder, a programme designed to cover all levels within an organisation. Made up of 3 levels; Foundation, Team and Impact The stepped programme has been designed, developed and delivered for individuals to fully understand trust, the impact that trust has on growth, decisions and leadership.

Many of us can be blind to how people perceive us on our words and actions, Your Trust Report is exactly that, it is your very own360 degree report on your trust level and how you are percieved. Your Trust Report looks across Selflessness, Believability, Capability, Reliability and Emotional Connection and gives you insights in areas to work on to increase your levels of trust. 





Emotionally Connected

Meet your trust leader

Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter has a background founded in the prison service for over 18 years, working at some of the most notorious prisons in the UK. Today, he works around the world as a trust and management training consultant. A fascination with human psychology has led Scott to be a leading authority on trust, not just for organisations, but for individuals in business and life in general. As Scott says, “without trust, we have nothing.”