Our purpose is simple.

We want to...

increase trust | influence leaders | create positive impact | enable change

When people trust you, they're more eager to back your ideas and contribute to your goals, increasing the likelihood of making a positive difference together.

Scott's Story

Scott Hunter is the CEO & Founder of The Trust Leader, with a background founded in the prison service for over 25 years, working at some of the most notorious prisons in the UK, through to hostage negotiation training. 

Today, he works around the world as a trust and management training consultant, and there is very little that Scott has not experienced where trust can be the difference between life and death. A fascination with human psychology has led Scott to be a leading authority on trust, not just for organisations, but for individuals in business and life in general. 

As Scott says, “without trust, we have nothing.” Scott has developed an overall trust program based on five key foundations of being capable, reliable, believable, selfless, and emotionally connected.

You can find out more about Scott by following and connecting with him on LinkedIn and signing up for The Trust Leader quarterly newsletter.
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About The
Trust Leader

The Trust Leader has been developed to provide analysis, recommendations, training, and implementation of trust programs to enhance an organisation, develop individuals, and ultimately develop, not just train, strategies and understanding of trust. Within The Trust Leader, we have starting points to understand your current status through Trust Score, our online review and testing application, moving to Trust Report showing you areas of opportunity and development, through to the full Trust Leader programs delivered online and face-to-face to the individual and the organisation.

Trust is one of the greatest personal commodities that any individual possesses. Regardless of your status, without trust credits, you can achieve nothing in the long term.

Words I live by

'Trust is the currency of leadership. Without trust people won’t follow you.'

— John Gordon