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Course overview
Building strong relationships is pivotal for every business. When leaders transition from mere transactional interactions to fostering emotional connections, they lay a foundation of trust. This trust transcends mere policies and procedures, promoting an environment where collaboration thrives. With trust, your influence as a leader amplifies. Think of this as a "trust dividend," an idea articulated by Stephen M.R. Covey. Just as dividends add value for shareholders, trust dividends amplify your leadership impact. Embrace trust, and see how it deepens relationships and propels your leadership journey forward.

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In leadership, you need to develop relationships that transcend basic transactions. It's essential for you to create a deeper emotional bond with your stakeholders. This shift towards nurturing emotional connections enhances trust and leads to a more open, honest, and positive working environment, fostering mutual respect and collaboration.


Frameworks and templates to enable you to build deeper relationships with your key stakeholders. Using these you can elevate the level of relationship to become more trusted and increase your influence.

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